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Topper Cigar

119 Years Strong …

Tobacco is a tough business, as we know too well. Laws and fashions change, and at times it can feel like the earth is shifting under our feet. Companies, if they are going to succeed in this industry, have to be nimble. They have to pick their fights carefully and always know where their best strengths lie. Tobacco businesses also have to stand ready to reinvent themselves when conditions demand it. One case in point is the Topper Cigar Company of Meriden, Connecticut, which has been supplying cigar smokers with everyday, value-priced, broadleaf-wrapped cigars for 119 uninterrupted years. Through all the upheavals the world of tobacco has undergone, Topper has kept the pace and today continues to sell cigars across the country to loyal followers. It hasn’t always been easy, but it has borne out the truism that even in less-than-ideal conditions we can find success if we go with the right plan.

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