Sept/Oct 2015 | Tobacconist magazine

Sept/Oct 2015

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Sept/Oct 2015
Vol. 26, No. 4


A Taste of Honduras

Maya Selva’s goal when creating her line of cigars was to celebrate the rich flavors of her native Honduras.
She quickly conquered France with her blends and now, 20 years later, she’s ready to take on the U.S.

Know Your Pipe Tobaccos
Burley, Virginia, Orientals, Latakia …. Pipe tobaccos can be as complex as the latest microbrew or fine wine. Flavor, aroma, texture all play a part in creating some very distinct smoking experiences.

Tobacconist University
Jorge Armenteros is the implacable force behind the only accreditation program for tobacconists. We take a look at how Tobacconist University got its start some 12 years ago and where it will be going in the next decade.

Crescent City Cigar Shop
If you don’t think personality sells, you haven’t met Armando Ortiz of the New Orleans-based Crescent City Cigar Shop. By sheer force of magnetism, Ortiz found
a comfortable home on the bayou.

Bold Beginning
Ambitious, yes. Audacious, probably. Reckless, we’ll see. How else can you describe Global Marketing & Distribution after introducing 14 cigar lines at the same time?

Trade Show Recap
We’re back and a bit tired, but New Orleans was well worth the trip. We came back with a plethora of tips on improving your business along with images we’ll not soon forget.

Business: Negotiating A Better Lease
There’s significant money to be saved by preparing for your next lease signing. We offer some insightful approaches to negotiation and address a few pitfalls
to avoid.

Business: So Little Shelf Space, So Many Cigars
The interminable dilemma: Where to fit all that merchandise? We talk to some experienced tobacconists to get their tricks of the trade.

Business: Affordable Care Act Revisited
We know, we know. Insurance: the necessary evil that is the bane of most business owners. But with changes in the law just around the corner, we thought it a good idea to take another look at the good and the bad.

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