September/October 2016991
Vol. 27, No. 4


In Memoriam
We honor the life and passing of Carlos Fuente Sr.

Grass-Roots Approach
There’s some newfound energy at General Cigar these days, and it can only be attributed to the company’s new CEO, Regis Broersma.

IPCPR 2016
The sights, the sounds, the smells. What we learned and what we enjoyed from this year’s IPCPR show.

Firm Foundation
To truly understand a culture, you must immerse yourself in that culture. Nick Melillo’s immersion in Nicaraguan culture has an added bonus for us all—Foundation Cigars.

Bayou Tobacco
Sometimes fate can take you in unexpected directions. Just ask Sarah and Mike McCauley of Bayou Tobacco.

Off the Beaten Path
While this year’s IPCPR show had its share of towering booths and elegant displays, we decided to focus some of our time on the periphery, where the smaller brands and companies plied their wares.

Business: Hiring the Right Employee
Building a quality staff is essential to any business, and there are additional challenges inherent for tobacconists. We ask fellow tobacconists their strategies to finding and keeping quality employees.

Business: Building a Great Online Reputation
More consumers than ever before are sharing their good and bad shopping experiences on internet review sites, and the public is reading those reports before making buying decisions. Retailers must protect their brands by responding appropriately to negative reviews, promoting positive ones and posting helpful information for an internet-connected marketplace.

Business: It’s Wise to Accessorize
While many may wish it to be true, most stores can’t survive on selling cigars alone. Selling accessories the right way can increase profits and expand your clientele.