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Rep. Posey testifies before House Subcommittee

On Thursday, Congressman Bill Posey (R-FL) testified before the House Agricultural Appropriations Subcommittee about the need for appropriations language exempting premium cigars from the FDA’s deeming rule. This testimony came during the Appropriations Committee’s annual members’ day.

During his testimony, Congressman Posey pointed out the short-sighted regulation of premium cigars. Specifically, he noted that the deeming rule is causing significant harm to “mom & pop” retailers, consumers and the industry both in Florida and across the country. To bring relief to those small businesses, the Congressman stated the need to “refocus the FDA … by including language to exempt premium cigars from this one-size-fits-all wrong-headed policy.”

Posey also pointed out that the regulation of the premium cigar industry does not fulfill the original intent of Congress and the Tobacco Control Act to limit youth access to tobacco. “We can ensure that Americans will have the freedom to enjoy these legal products while also allowing the FDA to use their authority as Congress intended, namely, to prevent children from using tobacco products.”

For video of Congressman Posey’s House testimony, click here.

For Congressman Posey’s full written testimony, click here.

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