08fallPipes and tobaccos magazine is your very best resource for connecting with pipe smokers. Created in 1996, Pipes and tobaccos magazine is devoted to the art, history and pure pleasure of pipes and pipe smoking.  Pipes and tobaccos stands alone as the longest-running, highest-quality commercial pipe magazine in history.

Pipes and tobaccos is a prime motivator for pipe smokers. What they see in its pages helps drive their interests. Retailers report increased demand for tobaccos reviewed in  Pipes and tobaccos and in products showcased. Further, the shelf life of this magazine is remarkable. Readers maintain back issues as an informational resource, and advertisers report inquiries about ads placed years ago.

If you want to reach pipe and tobacco enthusiasts, Pipes and tobaccos magazine stands alone in delivering this audience. Let us help you build retailer awareness and consumer confidence and loyalty.

Website: www.pipesandtoabccosmagazine.com