November/December 2017TOB_Nov_Dec_17_Cover_B_USE
Vol. 28, No. 5


Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco
It’s been around for 200 years—and it keeps finding new roles—but is dark fire-cured tobacco now the flavored leaf of the future?

The Human Touch
At Neumann’s Cigars & More, successful retailing means connecting with customers and advocating for the industry.

Clean Air
There are innumerable options when it comes to your store’s ventilation system, but which one is right for your location? It depends on a number of factors.

Fortunate One
Mike Bellody is building MLB Cigar Ventures with patience while also building alliances with some of the industry’s best-known cigar makers.

Business: Workplace violence
You can hope it won’t happen in your business, but there’s no immunity to the many forms of workplace violence. It’s best, then, to have a plan in place.

Ask the Tobacconist: Managing your regulars
How much is too much when catering to the whims and wants of your regulars? Our resident tobacconist looks closer into two of the most common issues facing almost every tobacco shop.

Guest Column: State associations update from the IPCPR
Federal issues often take precedent, but tobacconists will ignore their state and local governments at their own peril. The IPCPR’s Rachel Hyde provides a state association year in review.