November/December 2016 | Tobacconist magazine

November/December 2016

Vol. 27, No. 5991


Pipe Clubs
While not easy to form, creating or inviting a pipe club into your establishment can have lasting benefits for your business.

A Mombacho Moment
How did a backpacking trip across Central America turn into a cigar making business? We need to start with that first Mombacho moment.

Column: The Perfect Gift
Regardless of the naysayers and anti-smoking forces, tobacco is still a great gift any time of year.

Fostering a Legacy
Straus Tobacconist is one of the oldest tobacco retail stores in the country, and current owner Jim Clark intends to keep its legacy thriving for decades to come.

Perseverance Pays
Cornelius & Anthony cigars have only been on the market for two years, but that doesn’t mean their origins aren’t steeped in tobacco history.

Business: Good Vibes
The power of positivity can have an instant impact on your business. But what do you do when negativity gets the upper hand?

Business: Dressing Up for the Holidays
Get out the tinsel and flex those wrapping fingers. It’s time to maximize your holiday profits with a few decorative tips.

Business: Coming Attraction
It seems inevitable that we are destined for a cashless society, and the signs are already in our midst. So how do you get your business ready? We have some answers.

Business: Overtime Rules
The stakes have been raised with new overtime regulations from the U.S. Department of Labor, which more than double the minimum salary for exemption. Employers must now review their workforce and reclassify individuals as required.


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