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May/June 2017
Vol. 28, No. 2


Home Away From Home
Taylor’s Cigar Lounge in California proves making customers feel comfortable can go a long way in building a business.

Tobacco Storytellers
Ventura Cigar Company believes there is a tale behind every tobacco leaf, and its aim is to share it through every one of its cigars.

The Dominican cigar association Procigar celebrates 25 years and holds its 10th annual festival.

The Steady Hum of Success
Edleez Tobacco in Albany, New York, defines small-business longevity.

Ask the Tobacconist: Is That Really a Cuban?
Our resident tobacconist confronts the inevitable question from a customer: “I tried an awesome Cuban in Cabo; what can I buy that tastes like it?”

Avo Uvezian
The cigar world mourns the passing of an industry legend.

Business: Workers’ Compensation
Workers’ compensation insurance plays a critical role in returning employees to health and protecting employers from costly civil lawsuits. Employers need to train workers in safe work habits and shop for carriers that will partner in identifying fraudulent claims.

Confessions of a Consumer
Political postulation—a consumer vents on the disruption of a sacred moment.

Guest Column: TAA
Stephanie Guadagno, executive director of the Tobacconists’ Association of America, recaps its 49th annual members meeting.

Business: A Dozen Sales Tips
Retailers can boost revenues and profits by utilizing great selling techniques that will make cash registers ring a merry tune.