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March/April 2018
Vol. 28, No. 6


Oliva Cigars: A family passion
Gilberto Oliva Sr. passed away in December, but his determination and legacy live on through his family and the business they built, Oliva Cigars.

Expanding Esteli
The influence of Nicaraguan tobacco on the premium cigar industry has never been more evident, and the epicenter of this growth lies in the small city of Esteli.

Nat Sherman: A retailer’s manufacturer 
From peddling on the streets of New York to creating one of the world’s luxury cigar brands, Nat Sherman’s philosophy on quality over quantity hasn’t changed for nearly 90 years.

Business: Taxes
While tobacconists won’t feel the full impact of tax reform with this year’s return, we thought we’d share a primer on what to expect and how to prepare for all things taxes in 2018.

Lake Country Cigars
It’s not easy to have strong sales throughout the year, but Mary Lynn and Don Kane of Lake Country Cigars have made it their marketing mission to do just that.

Ask the Tobacconist: The famous and the not so famous
How far will you go to appease a major client? Can you ignore the egos and pretentiousness in order to keep them? Where do you draw the line? Larry has a story for you about going above and beyond the call of the tobacconist.

Guest Column: The Boutique Cigar Association of America
The rise of boutique cigar brands over the past decade has been a boon for retailers and consumers—more choices in the humidor equals a more diverse clientele. But just like the larger manufacturers, boutique brands must deal with the challenges of the industry—with a much smaller budget. The Boutique Cigar Association of America was created to help boutique brands navigate the premium tobacco world.

Business: Sexual harassment in the workplace
Sexually oriented comments and behaviors can destroy workplace morale and spark costly lawsuits. Employers can protect their personnel by instituting policies and procedures that promote a respectful business environment.

Micallef Cigars 
A bit of serendipity brought Al Micallef into the premium cigar industry, and now inspiration and hard work have formed the foundation of Micallef Cigars.