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March/April 2017
Vol. 28, No. 1


The Other Tabacalera
Offering a new line of bolder cigars, 136-year-old Tabacalera Incorporada makes a push for American market share.

The Power of Personality
Matt Lanford of Santa Barbara Cigar & Tobacco proves that the secret to success is simply to be yourself.

Tatuaje’s Pete Johnson forges a special relationship with the Garcia family to realize his dream.

New Era
The Nicaraguan cigar festival does more than just celebrate cigars; it celebrates a rich culture.

Renaissance Tobacconist
There’s something to be said about the unpredictability of life. Just ask Woody Brown.

Business: Ask the Tobacconist
Our resident tobacconist takes on the scourge of many tobacconists: the brown-bagger.

Guest Column: The Way Forward
The IPCPR’s Daniel Trope, director of federal government affairs, shares his thoughts and strategies for the coming year.

Business: Tracking the Elusive Business Loan
Thanks to a robust real estate market and rising interest rates, banks are more eager to lend than at any time in recent memory. Business borrowers, though, must lay the groundwork for a successful loan application.

Business: Hiring for the Sales Floor
How do you find the right sales staff? For the good of your company, it’s best to make a list of questions first.