January/February 2019

Vol. 29, No. 6


Aloha & Cigars
Christopher Maxwell will never tell you it’s easy to own Tobaccos of Hawaii, but he won’t hesitate to tell you it’s worth it. For every challenge and problem, Maxwell thrives on coming up with the solution.

Making the Case
Glen Case sits down with Tobacconist to talk about the growth and evolution of Kristoff Cigars.

Mastering the Blend
Rick Rodriguez didn’t know what to expect when he was called to the office of General Cigar Chairman Edgar Cullman Sr., but when the meeting was over, his life’s direction would change forever.

Hand Rolled
How do you make a documentary about premium cigars that can appeal to all audiences? We asked the directors of Hand Rolled: A Film About Cigars that question and more.

Expanding Horizons
Cigars International will still call Pennsylvania home. How they say it, however, may now have a hint of a Texas drawl.

It was once the original Stogie, the brand that Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant smoked during the Civil War. And now two multigenerational cigar makers are bringing the Marsh Wheeling brand back.

Business: Profitable Profit Dispositions
OK, so maybe the tax reforms implemented last year will make your annual visit to your accountant more pleasurable this year. But what should you do with those savings? We offer a few possibilities.

Business: 2019 Retail Forecast
The coming year promises retailers a robust operating environment as a growing economy supports more cash register activity. A robust jobs picture should brighten still further, leading to wage hikes that fill shoppers’ wallets with cash. At the same time, economists are starting to see early signs of an eventual correction.

5 Questions With …
Drew Newman, general counsel and fourth-generation cigar maker at J.C. Newman

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