July/August 2016991
Vol. 27, No. 3


Padron Cigars commemorates its patriarch’s 90th birthday.

IPCPR 2016
The complete guide for the IPCPR’s 84th Annual International Convention & Trade Show.

Fratello Cigars Rising
Omar de Frias, the man who willed Fratello into being, is as complex as his cigars.

Wow Factor
Sabor Havana in Miami understands that good business is about creating satisfied customers. They adhere to a simple formula: Keep in stock what your customers want for lasting success.

Muddy Waters
As the dust continues to settle following the FDA’s ruling on premium cigars, more questions emerge than answers.

Challenge the Impossible
Twenty years ago the swampy Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic was a land no one imagined could produce premium tobacco. Well, no one except Hendrik “Henke” Kelner Sr. at Davidoff.

The Seductive Appeal of Box Age
A few years of rest can add to a cigar’s retail value. But does hoarding boutique brands invite new risks?

Perfect Partnership
The partnership between Altadis U.S.A. and Jose Mendez & Company has lasted more than 50 years, and the fruits of their relationship just seem to get better and better.

Business: Bring Back the Barbershop
Many of us lament the lost days at the local pub or barbershop, where they know your name and often save a seat for you. Seems like the right time to bring back that “hail fellow well met” feel, tobacconist-style.

Business: Saving the Family Business
Too few family businesses survive into the second and third generations of ownership. The reason is most often poor communication between family members. We share some ideas to help create a lasting family enterprise.

Business: Navigating Wages
For small businesses, navigating the rules and regulations on wages can be a daunting task. Overtime, when is an employee an employee, the Affordable Care Act—just some of the topics we address to help you weather the wage management storm.

Business: Preparing for the Trade Show
It’s probably happened to you at one time or another. You attend a show and on the flight back you’re kicking yourself on the lost time and lost opportunities. We offer some tips to avoid that regrettable scenario.