January/February 2017Cover_JanFeb17_v2_3_USE
Vol. 27, No. 6


Dream Interrupted
If there were a reward for effort in the cigar industry, Azarias Mustafa Cordoba and Emille Mustafa of Cordoba & Morales would take top prize. Nothing can keep them from their passion for cigars.

Old School
Don’t talk to Tim Davis about how things are done now. For 40 years Davis and Son Tobacconists has thrived under a simple business philosophy: Give them what they want and don’t change much. And it’s working just fine.

Peak Performance
J.C. Newman’s factory in Nicaragua is running full steam, generating some of the company’s fastest-growing brands.

Opportunity Rising
There’s a trend in the industry, according to Mike Gold, and his Arango Cigar Co. is primed to capitalize on it. Gold sees the pendulum swinging ever so slightly back to pipes.

Loyal Revenue
The Drew Diplomat app is Drew Estate’s latest transformative premium cigar industry project. The app’s interactivity is keeping cigar lovers engaged on multiple levels and shows promise for Drew Estate’s retailers to reap the benefits.

Business: 2017 Forecast
Retailers should enjoy a healthy 2017, thanks to growing employment, higher wages and continuing gains in housing and business investment.

Business: Ask the Tobacconist
Have a question about your business? Now’s the time to ask. Our resident tobacconist takes questions directly from you, addressing the issues and problems facing today’s modern tobacconist.

Business: Lean Times
The fortunes of most small businesses ebb and flow; it’s an unwelcome reality for business owners. But it’s what you do in the lean times that will often determine the longevity of your business’ success.

Business: Chip Credit Cards
Criminals are increasingly targeting retailers who haven’t upgraded to point-of-sale systems that accept chip cards. Yet many merchants are opting to delay what can be a costly and time-consuming procedure.