Jan/Feb 2016Cover_Final

Vol. 26, No. 6


American Pride
Taking inspiration from the rich tobacco tradition of the Connecticut River Valley and the military campaigns that shaped our nation, Battleground’s line of cigars invokes a deep connection to America’s roots.

A Happy Accident
Sometimes life is all about timing. The Merritt family of Tobacco Road in Arlington, Texas, never intended to go into the tobacconist trade. That was 10 years ago, and business has never been better.

In Praise of Clay Pipes
It would seem, as in life, everything is cyclical in tobacco, as well. Clay pipes have been around nearly as long as the Old World’s discovery of the savory leaf. Today, clay pipes continue to provide smokers the flavor-neutral experience that our ancestors enjoyed.

Making Magic
Where does a century-old cigar company turn when they want to take on the American market? Drew Estate, of course. Royal Agio is confident its Balmoral brand is here to stay.

Business: Leaving It to the Pros
Tax season will be upon us before the snow even melts off the sidewalks. In today’s tax environment, it’s best to find a trusted professional.

Business: To Lounge or Not to Lounge
As more regulations and legislation threaten smoking liberties, more and more tobacconists are committing to providing their own safe smoking zones. Is it right for your business? We give you the pros and cons of a smoking lounge.

Business: Back in the Saddle
It’s hard to avoid the holiday hangover. For your business, though, it’s best to keep the momentum going. We offer a few tips to get you past the post-holiday hump.

Business: 2016 Business Forecast
Retailers face a healthier 2016 as a number of economic factors come together to fuel greater consumer confidence. Growth, however, may be somewhat dampened by larger forces, like the softening European and Chinese economies and the volatile American stock market.

Guest Column: Bill Posey
U.S. Representative Bill Posey of Florida explains why he sponsored the Traditional Cigar Manufacturing and Sm