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IPCPR Guidance on Age Verification

The International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) has been made aware of recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections of member retail stores. A major emphasis of these inspections is age verification practices. As a reminder to our retailers, below are some guidelines on how to ensure your age verification practices are in compliance with FDA requirements.

  • For any individual under the age of 27, age must be verified by means of photo identification.
  • In a facility where cigars are being purchased via a vending machine or any other electronic or mechanical device, the age of each person must be verified as over 18 before they may enter the facility or venue.
  • The sale of all covered products, including a pipe, considered a component in the consumption of tobacco, is subject to the same age and verification requirements.

Full compliance with these new guidelines is very important. For any additional questions, please contact Daniel Trope, IPCPR Director of Federal Government Affairs, at daniel@ipcpr.org. Additionally, please notify Daniel if you have any interactions with the FDA regarding matters of age verification or otherwise.

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