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January/February 2018
Vol. 28, No. 6


An Icon Remembered
An industry mourns the loss of Jose Orlando Padron, founder of Padron Cigars and one of the patriarchs of the modern cigar industry.

Inspiration in Elegance
S.T. Dupont started by making luxury leather goods for the elite of Europe. And for the past 145 years, it has continually found new markets to define its luxury brand.

Saving the World
Tim and Tracey Halvorson took a gamble to keep their favorite tobacco shop open for business, and a decade later it’s still the best investment they’ve ever made.

Economic Reality
Regulation, taxes, smoking bans—today’s tobacconist faces more challenges than ever before. So how are tobacconists feeling about the state of their industry? We decided to ask a few.

Business: 2018 Forecast
Retailers should enjoy a robust 2018, thanks to growing employment rolls, rising wages and low borrowing costs. At the same time, they should keep a watchful eye on federal legislation and the health of lending institutions.

Ask the Tobacconist: A Past Life
Larry goes back in time and visits the tobacco shop he started 40 years ago, where he talks to the current owner about the store’s continued success.

Guest Column: Tobacconist University
Tobacconist University founder Jorge Armenteros recognizes change in the premium tobacco industry, so he’s offering a new certification for a new industry reality.

Business: Employee Handbook
OK, before you nod off, employee handbooks can help boost profits! Yes, when benefits and responsibilities are clearly defined, owners can be protected from lawsuits and can be free from the time-consuming task of responding to endless procedural questions … meaning more time to make money.

5 Questions With …
Steven Bailey, president of Cornelius & Anthony